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Steam Engine #4420

The Evanston Historical Preservation Commission is restoring UPRR #4420 to working condition.


History and Heritage

The City of Evanston was only 47 years old in 1914 when the 4420 was manufactured by the Lima Locomotive Works and delivered to the UPPR in Evanston.  The population of the city was then around 3,000 people.  The world was engaged in World War I and Woodrow Wilson was President.  The UP 4420 is now 105 years old.  It worked in the Evanston rail yards for 43 years as a yard "goat", or switch engine, before  being retired and donated to the city in 1958. For the last 62 years the old "goat" has been a static display sitting at the court house or in a park near North Elementary.


PO BOX 409
Evanston, WY 82931


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