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Look at what's been done on Steam Engine 4420!!!!

This is a brief summary of the work completed to date on 4420, in no particular order:

The boiler and firebox have been ultrasonically tested to verify thickness at various crucial areas, with no condemning wastage noted.

The smokebox door and cover; headlight; most external boiler piping; brake rigging; grease cakes; injectors; the air compressor; smokebox screen and baffles; air reservoirs; and brake valve have been removed. This allows for inspection and repair of those components and further access to the boiler for a thorough inspection of the boiler shell.

The forward piston valve heads and cylinder heads have been removed to allow inspection of those cylinders.

The main rods; side rods; and crosshead shoes have been removed from both sides of the locomotive; as well as the piston rod and valve stem seals. This has freed the locomotive to be moved by simply rolling it without sliding any wheels.

All eight journal boxes on the tender have been opened (they had previously been welded shut) and cleaned; the journals and brasses cleaned, repacked and lubricated. The tender can now be easily rolled.

The pilot footboard supports, having been bent during movement into the roundhouse, have been straightened, and the footboards replaced. This facilitates safe access to the front of the locomotive.

All the removed parts have been photographed, marked and stored in appropriate positions on their respective sides of the locomotive.

Of particular importance, it must be noted that the project has acquired significant tools, safety equipment, ladders, worktables, air compressor, oxy-acetylene torch, jacks and chains for safe conduct of this type of work

In conclusion, I am very impressed, and you should be very proud of the accomplishments of a dedicated group of volunteers who have been working approximately twice per week since only midsummer. It has not yet been one year since the 4420 was moved into the roundhouse, and this initial disassembly and inspection gives a very optimistic prognosis that the locomotive can be successfully returned to operating condition.

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